6 reasons why WordPress is better than CMS Platforms

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform; it has developed into a strong website builder and a complex content management system over time (CMS). The most appealing feature of WordPress is that it is simple to use yet versatile enough to accommodate many sorts of websites. That is one of the primary reasons for the rapid rise in the popularity of WordPress.

Many of the world’s most well-known businesses, like Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and others, rely on WordPress to power their websites because of its powerful capabilities.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should utilize WordPress to build your site.

1. Convenience

Since its first release, the WordPress software has undergone several modifications, making it the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) available. Both user management and website administration are quite simple. Millions of webmasters trust WordPress all around the globe.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the process of installing and setting up a whole website. Nobody is required to be a coding expert or understand how to construct a website using HTML, and WordPress allows you to create any website without writing a single line of code.

The minimal backend dashboard features a straightforward interface that is easy to use. The style and language have been put up so that anybody can maintain a professional website with ease. It provides access to all of the website’s content, media, settings, and plugins that have been installed.

2. It is completely free.

It is, and always has been, completely free. WordPress has been a cost-effective platform for users all around the globe since its debut. (However, major corporations should bear the cost of hosting and domain registration in mind.)

WordPress has an easy-to-understand price structure. If you don’t like the free themes or the layout, you can always purchase them. There are hundreds of paid ones available with professional photographs to pick from, all available for purchase. Various pricing ranges are offered, ranging from an economical $99 per year for a basic theme to $10,000 per year for fully customized themes with built-in functionality.

3. SEO and mobile-friendly.

WordPress has been very successful, and one of the primary reasons for its success is that it is search engine optimized. The content management system automatically resolves many SEO difficulties and provides a plethora of options for optimizing your website for greater reach.

WordPress comes with the ability to be search engine friendly right out of the box. When search engine robots explore the WordPress website, it is quickly indexed and shown in search results. WordPress also provides the Yoast SEO plugin, which helps to optimize the overall speed of the site.

Google favors websites that have optimized content that is mobile-friendly and quick to navigate through. WordPress, on the other hand, has all three. That is one of the reasons why Google favors WordPress websites.

Not only is WordPress compatible with Google, but it is also compatible with other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Firefox. As a result, WordPress may get traffic from any source, and this is not an issue.

In addition to being mobile-friendly, WordPress sites offer a responsive architecture. In light of the increasing number of individuals using their phones first, Google has made responsive design a requirement for all websites. As a result, WordPress websites perform better in mobile searches as well.

WordPress provides all of the necessary options for optimizing content for search engines, including H1 and H2 tags, Meta titles and descriptions, picture optimization, and internal linking. WordPress includes plugins for all of the important search engine optimization variables.

WordPress, being a content management system, comes with a comprehensive set of SEO features. There are plugins for each of the important elements, both alone and in combination. With WordPress as your content management system, you won’t have to worry about your site’s performance in terms of search engine optimization ever again.

4. A Website That Is Open to Everyone

WordPress plugins make compensate for any shortcomings in native functionality that WordPress may have. Plugins are what WordPress is famous for, and they are great. WordPress has an excellent plugin framework and a large number of available plugins.

There are more than 200 free themes available for everyone to download and try out for themselves. There are several third-party plugins and themes available for companies and people to use to build personalized websites. They are very customizable; one can change the colors and fonts to create a unique website for their company or eCommerce shop, ensuring that no two websites are the same in their design.

Thanks to the fact that it is open-sourced, WordPress has a wide and constantly developing ecosystem of themes, plugins, and new features. That implies that anybody may use WordPress to construct whatever kind of website they like. It is more than simply a blogging platform, however. WordPress has risen to the top of the list of huge firms, international corporations, and tiny non-profit organizations due to its open-source nature. Thanks to woo-commerce, it has never been easier to set up an eCommerce shop on WordPress than it is now.

Since its inception, the content management system (CMS) has grown into a monstrous beast that can accommodate any imaginable idea of individuals when it comes to creating and maintaining websites.

5. Universal Users

In accordance with the WordCamp website, WordPress is used by more than 75 million websites worldwide. WordPress is used by people worldwide to create personal and commercial websites in a variety of languages and cultures. For remote working teams, the dashboard’s conventional layout is the most effective configuration. The multi-language translation may also be accomplished with plugins, making it possible to accommodate almost everyone.

6. Outstanding Support from the Community

WordPress.org does not provide official support, but a large community of WordPress developers is willing to help. Posting queries or emails in forums and receiving a response to any query is quite simple and rapid. Like Reddit, the community is always willing to provide a hand to one another. Even the follow-ups are straightforward.

Although WordPress is not the only content management system available, the fact that it has been around for so long suggests that it is not going away anytime soon. The network’s owners and developers put forth a lot of effort to guarantee that customers get timely upgrades and additions that make utilizing the platform beneficial.

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