5 important features provided by CodeIgniter everyone must know

A general-purpose scripting language for constructing websites and apps, PHP (Hypertext
Preprocessor) is an open-source general-purpose scripting language. Since its first release,
it has undergone significant development and improvement. A significant rise in the difficulty
of constructing a website has necessitated the need for developers to create more than one
hundred lines of code.
As a result of the introduction of PHP, this time-consuming and unpleasant activity was
transformed into something much more manageable. PHP’s reliable and safe characteristic,
which helps to reduce the complexity of writing, has made it very popular. PHP provides
developers with a sufficient number of options for their job by providing a choice of PHP
development tools.
All of the frameworks are really effective in their operations, but PHP CodeIgniter is the only
one that stands out for the unique features it offers above the others. This blog will provide
you with in-depth information on the CodeIgniter framework, with a particular emphasis on its

Features of Codelgniter
CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that is very powerful. It is used to develop full-featured web
apps since it provides a straightforward and attractive framework. The PHP CodeIgniter
framework is in high demand in the industry because of its adaptability to a wide range of
environments. The simplicity, elegance, lightweight, and ease of use of a web application
based on the CodeIgniter framework ensure that its users get effective results from the
program. Users and developers alike will benefit from the extensive functionality provided
by this open-source PHP framework.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

CodeIgniter is the engine that drives the Model View Controller concept (MVC). A model in
MVC represents data, a view represents the display layer, and a controller represents the
functionality of the program. Using MVC to divide up the development process of apps,
business logic is separated from the user interface (UI).
It assists developers in the development of essential libraries for the system by integrating
with your own current scripts. Rather than using a procedural approach, PHP CodeIgniter
enables its customers to leverage the Model View Controller model. CodeIgniter
development makes it simple to create and maintain huge applications by using the MVC

Handling of Errors

CodeIgniter development aids in the creation of error-free software programs. In addition
to providing user-friendly interfaces, it assists you in identifying faulty functions. It includes
an error-logging class, which further allows you to store errors as text files if you want to do
so in the future. By including an error function error reporting – at the start of your index.php
file, you can easily discover and correct mistakes, resulting in an error-free application for
your users.


Another significant advantage of the PHP Codeigniter framework is that it comes pre-
installed with a variety of security measures. The following capabilities are included for
safeguarding your online applications: XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, Password handling,
and Input data validation, amongst others.
Codeigniter’s security features assist you in a variety of ways when it comes to protecting
yourself from passwords. With a large number of default security actions included in the
framework, you have the option of deciding how and to what extent you wish to safeguard
your application.

Simpler and more straightforward to use

The CodeIgniter programming environment is easier to use. CodeIgniter framework is more
stable, less in weight, and more efficient in its usage than other frameworks. You may simply
modify the functionalities of the CodeIgniter framework by developing new libraries with it. In
addition, as compared to other frameworks, the PHP CodeIgniter code is simpler to
comprehend. Its features may be simply customized to meet your own needs.
The use of database abstraction layers in CodeIgniter programming is a significant
advantage. With CodeIgniter, it is simple to edit the database in a variety of ways, such as
adding and deleting columns, establishing new tables, and removing old ones from existing

URLs that are optimized for search engines

CodeIgniter PHP development creates URLs that are clean, neat, and optimized for search
engines. A segment-based method is being used rather than a normal query, which is more
in line with current trends. It gives web developers the ability to exhibit their web pages in a
more sophisticated manner since it offers them the freedom to do so. It enables users to
transform their standard URL into an SEO-friendly URL with one click.

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