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However, in all the cases, the goal has always been the same – to generate more traffic towards the website and attract more users. Link building has been one of the most trusted methods for that. Whether you’re an old school or a new age digital marketer, you should know the best link building strategies for a successful career.No matter how intricate and complex Google algorithms get, the importance of links will always stay the same.

Backlinks are the most consistent determining factor for how sites rank for keywords. Furthermore, the greater the number of high quality backlinks a website has, Google considers it to be more authoritative.In this article, let’s look at five efficient link building strategies that you can adopt to get your website ranking higher in 2023!

Create Original Content on Industry-Relevant Topics

Topics that are relevant to your industry will always be important for your target audience as well. For example, if you’re operating in the beauty and wellness industry, you want to attract people searching for beauty and wellness topics. As a result, it’s a good idea to write content relevant to the industry so that more and more potential customers can land on the website.

Finding industry-relevant topics is not a big task, and a simple Google search will give you an idea of the topics your potential customers are searching for. Next, try to identify broad themes (content buckets) from these topics and then create topics under these themes to write on.

You can also mix and match content formats to keep the content all the more engaging and relevant to the users. Here are some formats you can try:

Work with Different Media Formats

Web users’ preferences and requirements have constantly evolved over the last decade. While blogs and web copies, and emailers are still essential to get backlinks, you should try experimenting with different forms of media if you wish to capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Simply putting blocks of text one after the other, hoping for the audience to read it word-by-word, will not help in the age of videos and gifs. Ideally, you should be working towards creating as much visual content (if not more) as text content pieces.

Videos, particularly, are liked by consumers of all ages and demographics as it allows them to immerse in the story without putting much effort. If you can make the most of different media formats, you’ll be more likely to attract audiences that wouldn’t have come just from reading the blogs.

Another good thing about working with different media formats to generate backlinks for the website is that videos and images tend to offer some sort of entertainment value that keeps the user engaged. Plus, good content encourages users to share the videos and images within their circle.

Infographics are another useful visual content format that can be used to synthesize a lot of information in a digestible format. The best thing about infographics is that they are effortless to go through and provide you with a scope to present facts engagingly.

Solidify your Cold Outreach Strategy

Link building is partially about reaching out to potential, 3rd-party backlink resources and hoping that they’ll push your links in their content. You may already be knowing about the importance of cold emailing to achieve this. However, to get a great conversion rate from cold outreach, you will need to do it right. Unfortunately, the marketing world is saturated with cold emails.

The editors or bloggers you are reaching out to probably already get hundreds of cold emails a day in and day out. You don’t want your mail to be ignored or, better yet, land into their spam folders. To improve your cold outreach strategy, you should think of cold outreach more like a sniper than a machine gun.

So, instead of just randomly reaching out to everybody on your radar, take a more focused approach. Email to websites and platforms related to your industry and those having a higher domain authority. These platforms will easily be able to pass on the link juice to your website and simplify your SEO efforts.

If you’ve reached out to relevant people from your industry but haven’t received a response, don’t forget to send a gentle follow up mail after a few days. You could ask for an update on your pitch without coming off as too arrogant and impatient.

Additionally, ensure that your email content is extremely personalized (whether the first mail or any follow-up mails) to the person you’re sending it to. Personalization increases the chances of your backlink getting approved and published.

Take Guest Posts Very Seriously

Content is clearly still the king in today’s SEO landscape. No matter what industry you operate in, without a proper content strategy that encapsulates web content, blog, mailers, and more, you’ll be at a loss when it comes to backlinks. Likewise, guest posting is another foolproof technique of getting your backlinks published.

However, when approaching guest posting, ensure that you put your best foot forward since your content will essentially be published on someone else’s website. As a result, you should be spending ample time and energy creating guest posts. You should extensively research to develop topics that will resonate with the audience of that blog and find a way to incorporate the required backlink seamlessly.

More Information: How to submit a guest post for a blog (with templates)

Backlinks In SEO: What Are They?

Backlinks in SEO are link building indicating and redirecting to your own website from another. This is considerably different compared to the “outbound” or links that leave your page. Refrain from mixing the two up. Inbound links (IBLs), often known as backlinks, are crucial in evaluating how popular (or significant) your website is in search engines like Google.

How To Generate Backlinks That Drive More Visitors?

It’s crucial to understand what generates backlinks that drive successful results. Since you can then concentrate on creating links that will raise your Google rankings. Here’s how to recognize links that are truly worthwhile to create:

Ask/Request For Backlinks

You already know what backlinks in SEO are. So, consider friends, family members, coworkers, partners, and clients with blogs or websites. You only need to request a backlink. Request in-content links rather than sidebar or footer links. However, use caution and ensure the backlink originates from a website relevant to your niche.

Establish Strong Relationships

You must foster strong relationships to build quality links. There are several chances to make new connections. Start by participating in niche-specific forums, blogs, or social networks. Take the initiative and provide engaging and relevant articles and comments contextualizing each debate.

Provide a Testimonial

Building testimonial link building benefits both parties. You can leave feedback regarding your experience using a company’s products at many different businesses. On the other hand, this is an excellent strategy for them to increase client confidence.

Contrarily, it’s an ideal chance for you to obtain a backlink and prospective traffic from that website, and it typically has a lot higher acceptance rate than your typical link request emails. Businesses receive a new testimonial to display on their website, while you receive a fresh backlink.

In Conclusion

Digital Marketing is a fascinating field with fantastic opportunities. Whether you’re interested in designing, writing, social media management, keyword research, or developing campaigns – digital marketing is a field that is open to welcoming you!

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