Top 4 most notable characteristics of Code Igniter

People who create websites using PHP may use CodeIgniter, which is an Application Development Framework — a toolkit – for developing their applications. Because it provides a comprehensive set of libraries for commonly required tasks, as well as an intuitive interface and logical structure through which to access these libraries, its goal is to enable you to develop projects much more quickly than you would otherwise be able to do if you were writing code from scratch.

CodeIgniter allows you to concentrate on your project’s creative aspects by reducing the amount of code required for a particular job.

  • Handling of Errors

CodeIgniter assists in the development of error-free applications. Because of the user-friendly design, it assists you in identifying the incorrect functions.

CodeIgniter includes logging files that save your application’s faults in a text file format (txt). The logs are in text format so you may quickly identify problems by looking at the line number and file name in the logs themselves.

Placing an error reporting function at the beginning of your index.php file can help you catch errors faster. In order to create an error-free program, that allows you to quickly identify and correct problems.

  • Security

The security feature of CodeIgniter is a very significant advantage. It has a built-in security feature to protect you. It contains security features like XSS filtering, CSRF protection, password management, input validations, managing session data via the use of a database or cookie encryption, and many more.

Also available is the ability to choose the degree of security for your application. It also has certain built-in security features, such as turning off runtime directives when enabling system startup, among others. Unit Testing Quality assurance is an essential element of software development. Unit testing is a kind of testing that is performed on individual units of code.

Unit testing is the most essential element in ensuring the quality of a project’s deliverables.

The Unit Test class in this framework is very simple, comprising just an evaluation method and two result functions. This PHPUnit testing of the Framework ensures that the entire project is simpler and easier to comprehend.

  • URLs that are optimized for search engines

The PHP development produces URLs that are clean, neat, and optimized for search engines. Instead of relying on a conventional query, the segment-based method is being used more often.

Providing adequate freedom to web developers allows them to display their web pages in a more futuristic manner, which is a significant advantage. In order to make their URLs more search engine and SEO friendly, it enables users to transform their regular URLs.

Query Builder

Query Builder is a class that is accessible via this framework. This technique enables you to execute CRUD tasks in your database with a single line of code, saving you time and money.

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing the Query Builder feature is that it enables you to develop applications that are not reliant on anyone’s database since the query syntax is produced by each database adapter. It also makes it possible to run safer queries since the values are automatically escaped by the system.

In addition, it includes other capabilities such as sending emails with attachments, image editing, file uploading, benchmarking, translation, localization, data encryption, pagination, and many other things.

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