What Makes Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Web Development

Because there are so many choices available, selecting the most appropriate PHP development framework for developing a web application for a company may be a very tough job.

  • Technique for Authorization

The installation of authentication methods is made very easy using Laravel. Almost everything has been arranged in an extraordinary manner. In addition, Laravel offers a straightforward method of organizing authorization logic and controlling access to resources.

  • Object-Oriented Libraries

One of the primary reasons why Laravel is the finest PHP framework is that it comes pre-installed with Object Oriented libraries as well as a slew of other useful libraries that are not available in any other popular PHP frameworks. The Authentication library is one of the libraries that comes pre-installed.

However, despite its ease of implementation, it has many sophisticated features such as checking for active users, Bcrypt hashing, password resets, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) security, and encryption, among others. PHP framework (PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor).

  • Artisan

Laravel includes a tool for building applications called Artisan. A developer’s interaction with the Laravel framework is often accomplished via the use of a command line that builds and manages the Laravel project environment. Artisan is a built-in command-line tool provided by Laravel for use with the command line. This technology enables us to automate the bulk of the repetitive and time-consuming programming activities that most developers would rather avoid doing by hand.

  • MVC Support

Another feature that distinguishes Laravel as the finest PHP framework is its support for MVC Architecture, which, like Symfony, ensures that logic and presentation are clearly separated. MVC aids in the improvement of speed, the facilitation of better documentation, and the inclusion of many built-in functions.

  • Security

Everyone involved in the development of an application must use some of the various methods available to make the programme secure. Within its framework, Laravel is responsible for maintaining security. It makes use of salted and hashed passwords, which means that the password will never be saved in plain text in the database if it is used. It generates an encrypted version of a password using the Bcrypt hashing technique, which is implemented in Java. As a result of the usage of prepared SQL statements in Laravel, injection attacks are unthinkable.

  • Database Migration
  • One of the most difficult tasks for developers is keeping the database up to date across different development computers. It is very simple to migrate a database using Laravel database migrations. Your database may have undergone a significant amount of modification after your lengthy working hours, and MySQL Workbench is not an ideal tool for synchronising databases across my development computers, in our opinion. This is where Migrations comes in. Because all database work should be contained in migrations and seeds, you should have no trouble migrating the changes to any other development computer you may have available. This is another another factor that contributes to Laravel’s status as the finest PHP framework.

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