Top 10 Laravel Features You Need To Know for 2023

For many years, Laravel has been the undisputed king of PHP application development, and for a good reason. It has everything that makes adopting a new technology worthwhile: a large ecosystem, an engaged community, a strong job market, and successful entrepreneurs. Here you will find a list of Laravel features Laravel hidden features.

What is Laravel in PHP?

The Laravel framework in PHP is one of the most known and widely used web development languages for building scalable and robust applications with rich features.

It’s a PHP web framework that’s free and open-source, with the source code posted on GitHub and licensed under the MIT License. This platform substantially contributes to repurposing existing framework components and deploying them for web app development.

It also has scalable Laravel features that will help you grow your brand.

Why Learn Laravel?

There are many reasons you should learn Laravel, so let’s start with the most crucial.

1. Rapid Development

2. High Popularity

3. Huge Ecosystem

4. Active Community

5. Strong Job Market

6. Promising Business Opportunities

Pros and Cons of the Laravel Framework in PHP 2022

Laravel framework is the most popular framework today, with one out of every five developers recommending it.


  • Aids in the creation and configuration of numerous cache configurations.
  • It aids in creating links and the insertion of desired URLs in reverse routing.
  • Integrates with email providers to keep people informed about new offerings, without relying on other libraries to get started,


  • Laravel is a bit complicated, especially for new or inexperienced developers.
  • It necessitates a more significant amount of glue code and configuration.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in support system.
  • With specific enhancements, it appears to be complicated.

Top 10 Laravel Features 2022

  1. Template Engine

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, with built-in templates that are light in weight. Therefore, you can construct an excellent layout with the most revolutionary content seeding.

The blade is a simple but powerful Laravel template engine that allows you to use plain PHP code in your views.

  • Multiple widgets with JS and CSS code are included.
  • From the start, it aids in integrating intriguing material.
  • There are numerous business templates to choose from.
  1. Automatic Pagination

Automatic Pagination is a famous travel framework feature and one of the must-know Laravel features for 2022.

Because PHP Framework Laravel has built-in Pagination, reducing the time spent creating code.

  1. MVC architecture

Do you know that PHP is the most exemplary Laravel MVC Framework supporter? This allows you to create both small and large applications easily.

In addition, the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern allows you to tailor the application’s design and improve your brand’s positioning.

You can quickly cope with much-unstructured code, making the overall development process more accessible.

But, what’s new with the features of Laravel MVC 6?

  • It is compatible with OWIN.
  • Able to create cloud-optimized apps
  • By just reloading the Roslyn Compiler, you can edit and see the code file.
  • It’s simple to create your dependency injection container.

Artisan command-line interface (CLI)

Do you know that Laravel offers its Artisan command-line interface (CLI) for delivering a smooth data migration procedure during development?

New Laravel features make it easier to create skeleton scripts, controllers, models, and other types of code by eliminating arduous and repetitive coding operations.

This is one of the most helpful Laravel features for streamlining your documentation process that requires authentication.

The mighty Symfony Console component powers Artisan CLI.

  1. Laravel Routing

Routing is crucial in the creation of authentication-required paths on your site. This is used to associate Application URLs with a particular controller view or action. Are you familiar with the features of Laravel 5.4? It begins by defining the route files and taking the URL and Closure function into account.

  1. Unit Testing

When it comes to unit testing, Laravel emerges as the clear winner. It is user-friendly for developers and assists them in completing various tests. Simultaneously, Laravel features ensure that if you make new modifications, the old model does not stop suddenly.

And it is for this reason, Laravel is known as “The Most Stable Release” in the web development industry.

  • You can easily detect bugs with unit testing.
  • It helps save your time and money while also increasing code coverage.
  • It aids in the evaluation of performance.
  1. Highly Secure

Any development framework’s main priority is app security. However, using Laravel best practices reduces risk by using CSRF tokens. These tokens verify each demand on the POST and protect against those who try to GET the demand by modifying the POST.

It also employs the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to generate an encrypted password representation.

  1. Libraries and Modular

One of Laravel’s features is that it provides object-oriented libraries that are simple to use and implement.

However, the following are some of the most recent travel core features:

  • Checking the status of the user
  • Protection against CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery)
  • Encryption and password reset
  • Hashing with Bcrypt

Hire a Laravel development company to help you integrate these crucial Laravel features into your business project.

  1. Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

The Eloquent ORM provided by the Laravel Framework allows developers to resolve database queries using PHP syntax rather than SQL code. ORM is faster and more responsive than any other PHP framework. As a result, this type of Laravel framework features relational databases to store in-memory object data.

  1. Database migration support

The Laravel migration system allows you to migrate an application from one platform to another without recreating the structure. When it comes to loading speed, this is important. It allows you to customize the data structure while also executing it using PHP rather than SQL. As a result, you can easily insert columns and tables using the Laravel Schema Builder.

  1. Summing up the Laravel features

Thus, with its unique, smooth, and adaptable approach to designing solutions, the above-mentioned Laravel features list, including Laravel’s hidden features, makes it famous among developers and enterprises. It paved the way for developing a dynamic user-responsive website with a light-weighted template. You won’t have to worry about ready-to-use plugins or reliable object-relational mapping.

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